2-year Product Warranty

If your Equip Shield ("shield") is found to be defective within (2) years of the date of purchase, we will repair, replace, or refund the cost of your shield at our discretion. This Product Warranty ("warranty") does not include normal wear and tear to the fabric, fabric seams, seam taping, or zipper. The warranty does not cover damage if the product is not used as intended, including (but not limited to): carrying the shield with items inside; filling the shield to the point of excessively-stressing the zipper, seams, and/or internal structural components; submerging the shield in water, mud, or other liquids; damage from pets or other animals; excessive storms or weather with winds in excess of 20 mph. If you believe your Equip Shield qualifies for a warranty claim, please contact us directly at returns@equippygear.com.

Return Policy

We gladly accept returns of new and unused merchandise within 30 days of purchase. Items must be in unused condition and in its original packaging. It is your responsibility to pay for return shipping charges.

Return Process

Contact us at returns@equippygear.com to request a return. We recommend using a shipping method with a tracking number. Once your return package arrives at our warehouse, please allow 5-7 business days for us to process your refund. We will notify you once a refund has been issued.


How do I use my Equip Shield?

The intent of the Equip Shield is to protect your equipment and personal items from inclement weather. Your equipment should be placed inside of the shield with the zipper closed.

Take a look at the video on our home page to see Equip Shield in action.

How do I open my Equip Shield?

Unsecure the elastic band and the shield will easily pop open automatically.

How do I close/collapse my Equip Shield?

Unzip the Equip Shield a few inches, let air out, and flatten. Hold Equip Shield in front of you, with the zipper facing outwards. Hold each end of the Equip Shield with your thumbs pointing down. Bring your hands together and overlap them to form a cross. Bring Equip Shield against body to collapse. Secure with the attached elastic band.

How do I clean my Equip Shield?

The Equip Shield can be spot-cleaned using a mild detergent such as Dawn®, and should always be air-dried. The Equip Shield should not be placed into a clothes dryer, nor should it be dried with any heat. We also recommend that you leave it un-zipped to allow the inside of the shield to dry thoroughly before collapsing and/or storing.

Can I carry my Equip Shield with my equipment inside?

This is not recommend, and is not covered by the warranty. The Equip Shield is not meant to be used as a bag.